We offer exclusive furnishing brands!

At HPA, we work with internationally renowned partners, each carefully selected for the uniqueness and quality of the products they offer.

Each brand has its own specific characteristics and product range, enabling us to offer comprehensive furnishing to meet the needs of a variety of different projects.

We have established various partnerships and a selection of trusting relationships, allowing us to work in perfect synergy with all of these professionals and offer products that match your style!

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Ezpeleta manufactures umbrellas, parasols, furniture and outdoor cushions Ezpeleta has 2 factories in Spain, 2 in Portugal and strategic partnerships in Europe and Asia. More than 3000 hundred clients have made the largest contribution to the success and through innovation the brand offer the better service and product.

Derived from Ancient Greek, “archetype” alludes to the concept of an original idea, image or model. (arche: original, tipos: model). The Tuscan company has chosen the name Arketipo precisely because it represents originality and the idea of a distinctive, sought-after model. With this one word, one can express all of Arketipo Firenze’s know-how as it furthers its research on high quality materials and studies new forms of designs. 

POINT’s century-long history is the product of passion for design, an innovative and international vision, and the tireless quest for excellence in the quality of our products.

In his workshop, founded in Gata de Gorgos (Alicante) in 1920, José Pons Pedro started an exciting project where he put to use his passion and the knowledge of wicker weaving he’d learned in Argentina. This artisan work with an international outlook slowly became a philosophy of life from early in POINT’s history.

POINT has always stood out for its emphasis on design as a badge of identity and the driving force behind the brand’s growth. The second generation brought the company the technical expertise of master craftsmen in the hand weaving of rattan for indoor and outdoor furniture .


GAN is the indoor brand of Gandiablasco, a concept of interior design based on hand-made objects, with its own identity and at the same time very close to Gandiablasco, since both share the same curiosity to explore new techniques and designs.

BOVER is a lighting company founded by Joana Bover in Barcelona in 1996. Even as the Bover brand continues to grow, evolving into a leading lighting company, Bover’s values stand strong to this day. Timeless design, quality, contemporary style… Find all these qualities in all Bover products, made entirely in Barcelona.

STUA is a design furniture manufacturer from Spain that offers a contemporary collection based on chairs, tables, stools, storage, lounge and outdoor furniture. STUA collection is suitable for residential use or commercial enviroments. What separates STUA furniture from much of contemporary design furniture is the enduring nature of form. The timeless design. The work of STUA is conceived and executed at an extraordinarily high level of aesthetic and engineering detail. The work is innovative and original. There is a fresh spirit to the work, but its character is grounded firmly in the principles and character of classic modern design, that of simplicity and timelessness.
STUA is committed to creating timeless designs with a durable life. This is part the search of a sustainable production.
The new STUA premises will allow us to be even more sustainable. New recycling tools, the use of solar energy, clean processes, and the search for packing without plastic.
We are manufacturers and we love to craft our collection with the best people and the best machinery. 

Diabla is a new brand Gandiablasco, a worldwide recognized brand for being a pioneering, state-of-the-art company that has pushed outdoor furniture design to the next level with state-of-the-art textile solutions. technology. Diabla shares the philosophy of its sister brands, takes a fresh look at everything and stands out with its freer and easier, casual, daring and cosmopolitan style.

AKABA, a company specialising in the manufacture of furniture for public spaces, was founded in the Basque Country with the idea of creating collaborative spaces that invite people to converse, interact and create as a team. With this aim in mind, its products are the result of the fusion of design and art. Pieces that stand out for the quality of the noble materials with which they are made, for their personality, durability, and comfort.
Flexible collections with a timeless aesthetic that adapt to a wide range of sectors. Whether they are offices, rest areas, public spaces or learning environments, the firm AKABA has a wide range of furniture that seeks social encounters, starting with the individual in mind. Spaces with a human dimension that allow teams to connect, collaborate and contribute. 

Andreu World Outdoor seamlessly blends the natural beauty of exterior spaces with the homely comforts of interior spaces. Our designs are clearly inspired by nature, with a contemporary twist. Elegant, comfortable and functional, our products lend themselves perfectly to both private and professional settings. At the very heart of our designs, is the most singular, most versatile and noble material of them all : wood. We strive to keep the woodworking methods as authentic as possible and so, we work closely with experienced craftsmen.

One of the hallmarks of our company is craftsmanship. Communication with our hands is the first worldwide language of humanity. Before words, there were signs, the same way that before industry, there was craftsmanship. Using craftsmanship as a means of expression is practiced by only a few companies these days and amongst them is Expormim.

Gandia Blasco was founded in 1941 as a family business in Valencia Spain. All items are still produced in their factory in Valencia. The Gandia Blasco contemporary collection now includes both modern outdoor furniture, indoor furniture and designer rugs.


Spanish company LZF has been creating handmade lighting solutions ever since 1994. Their wide range of products is marked by a remarkable attention to sustainability and innovation. Among their products, you will find wall, floor, ceiling, pendant, suspension and table lamps.

The concept of Actiu for the manufacture of office furniture is the result of the vision and work of a group of people who for 50 years have kept moving, in constant evolution with innovative designs awarded globally. Sustainability in the processes and materials we use is an obligation that does not compromise the comfort and ergonomics of our creations. The obsession to improve the well-being and productivity of the companies is something that comes along with us from the beginning of our trip and has made us connect many teams with the Cool Working® philosophy. We create workspaces that improve communication and energize internal processes to transform teams into high-performance teams.

Contemporary Design, formal effortlessness of lines, assets and specialized and stylish advancement structure the item theory of the BK Contract Project.
Assortments for public, private spaces and meeting áreas. Answers for imaginative conditions with solid accentuation on the plan of today as the partner of another individual and corporate picture. Ageless, enduring plan, liberated from unnecessary enhancements.
Tweaked plan
Individuals, projects and the necessities of each client emanate a plenty of attributes. To accomplish our client’s full fulfillment, we should adjust to each extraordinary necessity.

OTAZEN, founded in the early nineties, has become one of the leading companies in the furniture industry. OTAZEN produces quality furniture for companies across five continents.

OTAZEN, always led by his founding team has experienced a gradual increase in activities, positioning itself as a leader in furniture production for different sectors of hostelry, domestic and contract.

The COC and SVLK certificates, obtained and renewed annually, describe us as a company actively involved in the concept of sustainability, concerned about the care of the environment of raw materials and respect for the environament.